Salama – Laura Stacy | This Piece Of Beautiful Music Speaks Where Words Cannot

Before I amazing piece of music from Machako’s latest song bird Laura Stacy allow me to say this. Its  very shameful for up and coming artist shooting quality videos with content than big names who got all money it takes, it’s just a shame. Lets continue, I would like to introduce this female artist who got raw talent, she is just amazing.

laura stacy

Hailing from Machakos Laura Stacy is singer, songwriter and performing artist bringing more utamu to our speakers as she unveils her latest single Salama. Signed under RedRes Records (red for red studios and red for Resoundz media studios). Unveiling her latest track Salama which is the Swahili equivalent to peace is a sweet love song that talks of that one person who totally makes you feel safe.

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Sometimes we find ourselves thinking about that one person who if not for, our life will be a living hell, someone who makes you feel safe every time you are around.

The video director Neo Manuel had to show the mood and theme of the song on the video. I like the way he brought out the lyrics of the song and created a safe feeling when watching it. The location the video was shot was too open and Laura was alone, but this too had a reason. This implied that even when alone in an empty space, am still safe with you.

Produced by Ondiko of Resoundz Media Studios  and video Directed by Neo Manuel Red Studios

The visuals to the song are just unique and amazing. Laura ha this amazing voice that will just pierce through your ears to your heart.  As you read and watch share this article with that one person who makes you feel safe, Even better watch it together.




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