Amos & Josh – Heri Tuachane | A Sad Stage For Once A Beautiful Story Of Love

Amos & Josh are finally back with another episode of their continuous contras project. Titled Heri tuachane, which the forth video after Moto moto, Densi na Mi and Kupe featuring Ben Pol, Apio and Mohammed Amin.

The video show cases the stage of doubts and trust. The girl is caught cheating with a very rich man (what is known as sponsor in Kenyan slang) Josh gets to see the girl Amos is seeing walking out of the house with him while seeing him off. Josh breaks the news to Amos who is away to see a client. He breaks down and concludes that their love has ended. He goes back to pick his stuff despite the girl trying to stop him not leave her

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This fourth video is a sad stage for their once beautiful story of love. Lets take you back to the previous videos so as you can understand more.

“Moto Moto” which is a groovy club banger that will get you up on the dance floor as soon as the music hits your ear. The lyrics, execution and story line of the song places this particular song on a distinct position as far as Swahili and East African music is concerned.

Dansi Na Mi”

a sequel to the first video “Moto Moto” begins with the Mechanics played by Amos and Josh walking on the streets of Nairobi from buying spare parts that they need for their work place.In this video Amos gets to meet the girl of his dream ( the one who has cheats on him on heri tuachane video) on the street while she walks out the library. Amos goes all out here and doesn’t want to lose this chance in his pursuit for love.He grabs her attention buy spoiling her with gifts and confesses his love for her while requesting for a dance. The girl is impressed and here love blossoms.


Teaming up with Ben Pol, Apio and Mohammed Amin  Amos & Josh released “Kupe” a song explaining that their first love Music is a Universal Language that crosses boundaries and speaks one Language




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