OYOO | Timmy Tdat Finally Makes Sense & Ready To Cut Dreadlocks For Love.

Timmy tdat teams up with Susumila in this new track dubbed Oyoo. A love song where Timmy decides to fall in love, its a different genre of music for the haitosi hit maker. Ziki la nazi is not a familiar genre fr timmy tdat.

At first i thought this is not going to work Timmy Tdat Featuring Susumila  nope but everything turned out wrong. Finally Timmy Tdat makes sense to me. He is not that play that play boy thing Character but finally decides to fall in love. He is ready to Cut off his dreadlocks clean all his tattoos on his body just to get the love from this one Girl. Susumila was good on the chorus making this track just fine.

Oyoo produced by Totti and visuals directed by Ricky Becko of Dream. Check out the video and let me know what your thoughts on this one

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