NATURAL HAIR | Tips For Maintaining One

Natural hair can be difficult to manage and style if you don’t have a regimen to care for it. However, once you identify the right products, your mane will look healthy and will be much easier to comb.

  1. Use natural oils.

Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil and avocado oils are among the best oils for managing natural hair. They lack harmful products like alcohol, petroleum and parabens common in most hair-care brands.

  1. Deep condition.

The trick to soft and healthy looking hair is deep conditioning. Not only does it make your hair visibly thicker, but it also helps with hair growth. You can either buy or DIY your conditioner. Alternate between moisturizing and protein treatments. Try a mix of avocado, eggs or yoghurt for a great protein treatment. You can opt to add honey or aloe Vera juice for some moisture infusion.

  1. Avoid heat.

Excessive use of blow dryers, tongs and flat irons can cause irreparable damage. You can opt for other hair friendly methods like binding or threading to stretch your hair. If you have to apply heat, use heat protectant. Try the IC Fantasia Heat Protectant.

  1. Do henna glosses.

Henna is a protein-rich natural product that helps n strengthening your strands. Make sure you use pure henna that does not have addictive’s

  1. Sleep in a silk or satin bonnet.

One of the reasons natural hair gets matted with knots is lack of protective gear when sleeping. Invest in silk pillow cases or a satin bonnet to protect your mane from the friction that can also result to breakage.

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