T BROZ AFRICA Mellow Voiced Multi-Talented Twins

T BROZ AFRICA are mellow voiced and multi-talented twins (Paul and Moses) who also are models, brand ambassadors and artists with a mission to offer unique and high quality products to our listeners and clients each and every time. . The duo do RnB by fusing African tunes with urban beat and style.

They are also proactive members of their community since it forms the part- strong and trusting relation that has been key ingredient to their success. They run a Corporate Social responsibility called; The Identical Family Association refer Facebook;

The Identical Family Association aims at bringing all the identical, multiples and their families to address matters that are related to their welfare in the society. Therefore, T BROZ AFRICA scout and nurture untapped talents to discover and advance talents into their deepest canyons. As such, we lead the country towards achieving the vision 2030 in the music / talent front.

Musically they have worked with a couple of artist and as a duo. One of their successful song is Sunga featuring the stunning Los Angeles based actress, TV host and former Miss Kenya (Miss Universe Pageant) Rachel Marete.

 “SUNGA” is a word derived from the KAMBA tribe in Kenya meaning DANCE. This is a mentor ship song describing how a child is influenced and learns how to dance from watching their Mother. Remember, what happens near or around a child during his or her upbringing defines the future of that Child a lot. The song is done in Swahili, English and Kamba languages respectively.
When asked on how they  came about to work with Rachel.
We discussed about doing something together online then we came up with the idea of the song. We did the beats and recorded our verse and then send her the session then she did her part. She recorded her part in Los Angeles US with Rick Ross producer and then send it back. So basically it was ‘From internet to studio.
Check out Sunga music video and you will agree with me that the video is great and its a rare talent



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