Farah Esmail Ms. Health & Fitness Kenyan Represenative

Nairobi — Lawyer by day, bodybuilder by night. Farah Esmail was first introduced to bodybuilding in 2011 on an airplane en route to Florida. She noticed a woman taking out food from the overhead bin. Esmail found that to be odd so she struck up a conversation with her, only to learn that she was a bodybuilding competitor.

The Reining KBBF Ms. Kenya Bikini Fitness (2015 and 2016)   rallying for votes to represent KENYA and win this competition to feature in Muscle and Fitness Hers and USD 20,000. 50% of prize money to “Fight for a Child” if I win.

Run by the Colosseum Fitness Center, Nairobi, (the project sponsors boys and girls from the Kibera slum, and other underprivileged areas in Nairobi) providing them with dedicated sports and life skills training.
Through the project, youngsters have obtained opportunities to become personal trainers and professional fighters in Europe and Southeast Asia significantly improving their lives. Voting site mshealthandfitness.com/vote/farah-esmail
Vote for free daily or buy votes for charity up to April 5

Farah Esmail is the Reining KBBF Ms. Kenya Bikini Fitness (2015 and 2016) and USN ambassador for her contribution to the recognition of Kenyan women in the sport of bikini fitness bodybuilding internationally.
She represented Kenya on the international stage at the 2015 Dubai INBA world championship, the 2016 Arnold Classic in South Africa, and in October 2016 won her first international competition at the Dubai UMFF IFFB Amateur Bodybuilding competition.





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